A new coalition has launched to help build the industry’s future workforce and help technical students to continue to learn during the coronavirus outbreak.

The CTE Coalition is led by Lincoln Electric, Tooling U-SME, NC3, camInstructor, Haas Automation and SkillsUSA, who all produce and supply the materials for the students.

A new website Keep CTE Moving, has been created to act as a central portal where instructors and student can go to access a variety of resources including online classes, videos and instructional materials. 

“A lot of CTE course are in areas like welding, CNC, automotive, manufacturing, and construction, and are very hands-on,” said Jason Scales, Business Manager of Education at Lincoln Electric.

“Many instructors simply don’t have online training content. This non-competitive ground of industry-leading companies each maintain a robust set of e-learning modules and other resources.”

“Together, we agreed to share our resources in an unprecedented manner. With this opportunity, tens of thousands of CTE students can keep learning, even while they may not be allowed to gather in a physical classroom or lab.”

“The coalition hopes that by offering these centralised online resources, we can quickly help thousands of students continue their studies in these unprecedented times when many schools are temporarily closed,” said Chelle Travis, Executive Director at SkillsUSA.