Process Sensing Technologies have released a new ultra-high purity (UHP) gas stream selector system.

Capable of sampling up to 10 sample points, the selector allows for the intuitive ability to provide UHP gas to any process gas chromatograph or online process analyser.

With its ability to be configured to supply up to 10 UHP gas streams, the stream selector allows users to mitigate the potentially expensive procedure of supplying multiple measurement points with clean gas or switching streams of different UHP gases, according to the process stage.

Housed in a standard 3U rackmount enclosure, the LDGSS is compact and features welded internal flow path manifolds with stainless-steel piping, minimising the risk of contamination.

The LDGSS can be used for a range of applications, including industrial gas manufacturer and air separation, UHP gases for the semiconductor industry, lab-installed GC’s, and inert gas supply to glove boxes.

Due the demand of having to cope with such a wide array of uses, the sample bypass purge flowmeters and valves are front panel mounted for each stream, allowing for easy adjustment and purging, in addition to a fast response from the analysers.

Different coatings and materials are also available.

Compatibility with the full range of LDetek GC’s and online trace impurity analysers is assured and the LDGSS can also be used as a clean gas supply to other high-performance analysers from Process Sensing Technologies.