News in from Virginia Beach, Virginia in the US, where CONCOA has unveiled its new 2010 Medical Gas Flow Control Catalogue, showcasing a ‘reinvigorated medical gas product line’.

The new catalogue builds upon nearly a quarter of a century’s expertise in the design and fabrication of quality medical device regulators.

The comprehensive publication including products designed for oxygen therapy, pulmonary and respiratory care, anaesthesia gases, and a new line of NFPA 99-compliant medical gas pipeline systems targeted to medical facility managers, systems integrators, and installers.

The catalogue includes products for web-based monitoring of NFPA 99-compliant electronic switchover systems and medical manifolds, alarm systems, and quality regulators, as well as useful reference information.

Ideal for Level 1, 2 and 3 NFPA 99 installations, CONCOA’s Medical Gas Flow Control catalogue supports technical applications unique to the medical industry and provides a reference section for regulator colour-coding and a Level 1 and 2 medical pipeline installation selection guide. It features updated information on CONCOA’s award-winning 570 and 571 Series Medical IntelliSwitch™, a NFPA-99 compliant medical gas pipeline switchover system.

Additionally, the catalogue includes product information on medical manifold systems, blood gas and laser regulators, portable oxygen systems, pulmonary care, and respiratory kits.