A new integrated gas management system that offers continuous pressure and flow control from liquid can or high-pressure cylinder sources has been introduced by CONCOA.

The 642 Series IntelliSwitch II system offers fully automatic gas switchover, provides continuous pressure and flow control, and is claimed to be ideal for use in the process and metal fabrication industries.

With control that can be selected with the push of a button or remotely with proprietary I-LINK™ communication, the fully automatic IntelliSwitch II features an onboard web server with embedded software for remote diagnostics and real-time process control.

Proven software logic lowers yearly gas costs by eliminating liquid can vent loss and excess residual return, making the IntelliSwitch II the right choice for the process and the metal fabrication industries. Applications include argon, nitrogen, and oxygen in the primary steel industry; argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen in metal fabrication; nitrogen and oxygen in the chemical and the refining industries; and argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or helium in defense and aerospace.

Series 642’s integral web server enables remote access, integrated ethernet connectivity provides for seamless network integration, e-mail notification allows for 24/7 system monitoring, and Low-Loss technology reduces residual return, while an electronic economiser eliminates liquid can vent loss, a NEMA-4 cabinet allows for simple installation, and an internal-balance stem-line regulator ensures total process control.