BP, Eni, Equinor, Shell, Total and BP have formed a consortium to accelerate the development of the Net Zero Teesside project, previously known as the Clean Gas Project.

All members of the OGCI Climate Investments, the six companies will work closely with the UK Government and local stakeholders to develop the Net Zero Teesside project to deliver the UK’s first zero carbon cluster.

The project will decarbonise local industry by building a transportation and storage system to gather industrial CO2, compress it and store it safely in a reservoir under the North Sea.

A combined cycle gas turbine facility with carbon capture technology will also provide low carbon power as a complement to renewable energy sources and underpin the investment in the infrastructure.

“Net Zero Teesside is a demonstration of OGCI’s commitment to accelerating CCUS on a global scale,” said Pratima Rangarajan, CEO of OGCI Climate Investments.

“It’s the anchor project, first ideated at the UK Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), developed into an industrial carbon cluster within OGCI Climate Investments and now, the first hub within OGCI’s CCUS KickStarter Initiative.”

Exclusive: KickStarter CCUS initiative launches

“The formation of such a powerful partnership led by BP demonstrates the industry’s commitment to the UK Government’s net zero targets,” said Andy Lane, Managing Director of Net Zero Teesside.

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