Witt Gas Techniques Ltd has released its two latest devices, in the form of a new gas flushing unit for food applications and a compact gas mixer that allows the user to mix its own gases quickly and simply.

The new flushing system for technical gases allows modified atmopheres, which are used to keep food fresh in packaging or storage rooms, to be produced more cost effectively.

The KD has an electronic control system and works fully automatically, with the required quantity of protective gas regulated automatically until the required oxygen level is achieved.

Product developer Martin Bender, from the company's base in Witten, Germany, comments, $quot;Compared to standard dosing equipment, the new KD100-1A reduces the gas consumption by up to 30 percent. As a consequence, the operator can work with lower costs and higher profits.$quot;

In contrast to chemical sensors, this new technology measures much more quickly, allowing the protective gas quantity to be controlled much more easily. Offering an extremely high level of precision, even the slightest fluctuations of 0.01 percent are registered and taken into consideration during flushing.

The new MM-Flex compact gas mixer is also regarded as good value for money and available now from agents, or directly from Witt themselves.

All common gases including oxygen and combustion gases can be mixed using the MM-Flex and the composition, gas quality and outlet pressures can be set variably. The compact device is capable of fitting into most toolboxes and has a sturdy design, with connections for 2 gases on the left that are mixed independent of the primary source.

Much less storage capacity and logistical effort is required and the product could enable more cost-effective purchasing of individual gases, rather than expensive speciality mixes.