The CRYOLINE® family of cryogenic food freezing equipment is now available to the South African market and meets the need of a variety of applications, following its launch by Afrox.

The Sub-Saharan company’s modern freezer designs use the latest control programmes to increase efficiency while meeting stringent hygiene standards.

Cryogenic freezing of food with liquid nitrogen (LIN) and carbon dioxide (LIC) is a well-established process in the food industry. By making use of this process, users will achieve the most convenient preservation method for food, Afrox says, and leads to improved food taste, shape, texture, moisture and nutritional value.

Achieving a high freezing speed will result in minimal dehydration and drip loss. It also leads to minimum cell destruction due to formation of small ice crystals.

Amongst the newly launched range is the patented CRYOLINE® CW, a unique multi-purpose freezer. The system takes only a few seconds to switch from the IQF mode for small, free-rolling items, such as shrimps, pizza toppings, fruit and prepared foods, to the standard tunnel mode for traditional products, such as patties and pizzas.

In addition, the CRYOLINE® CW provides free-flowing product characteristics with very high belt loading, saving space and reducing running costs compared to conventional systems.

Built in CRYOWAVE controllable vibration technology rapidly freezes the product, sealing in moisture as it is conveyed through the freezing zone. This retains weight and produces high yield and quality. As a cryogenic medium, either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide can be used, which further enhances the flexibility and versatility of the freezer.

Also in the new family, and apparently attracting attention in the local food manufacturing sector, is the new generation CRYOLINE® CS compact, high-capacity spiral freezer. This first cryogenic self-stacking spiral freezer range has been built with the smallest footprint possible and is based on a new technology to make a more efficient and cost-effective freezer.

The eight-sided form minimises the space around the belt, achieving the highest possible cold gas speed. Nitrogen supply and gas balance are controlled by a state-of-the-art automatic system, reducing idle consumption compared to existing spiral freezers. The CRYOLINE® CS is suitable for freezing a wide range of products including meat patties, whole fish or fish fillets, pies, ice cream, pastries, pizza and ready-made dishes.

“The food industry is constantly challenged to meet the ever-increasing consumer demands for quality and variety,” said Afrox’s Hendrik Pretorius. “Consumers are also seeking a continuous stream of innovative and interesting products. It is with pride that Afrox offers the food industry the world’s foremost solutions.

“The CRYOLINE® family of equipment — as well as a broad variety of other food freezing technologies from the Linde freezer pool — offered exclusively by Afrox, will meet all food-freezing requirements. This range of equipment complies with global food standards and delivers efficiencies that have never been achieved, until now.”