Swedish cold chain pharmaceutical shipment solution company Envirotainer has launched its new CryoSure platform for below -70C shipments.

Calling it ‘the most sustainable solution on the market’, Envirotainer’s CryoSure is based on Linde Seccurus technology and provides a reliable solution to meet inherent challenges in the shipping of products with very low temperature requirements. 

“We believe CryoSure fills a substantial gap in the cryogenic -70C shipment market and significantly improves patient safety,” said Peter Gisel-Ekdahl, CEO, Envirotainer. 

The technology builds on the company’s 35 years of experience, creating an environment capable of keeping products, such as vaccines, ultra-cold for up to three weeks. 

Mattias Almgren, CryoSure Platform Executive, Envirotainer, called the new technology a ‘game changer’, saying it will revolutionise the market.