Minneapolis-based company MOCON, a leading provider of instrumentation and laboratory service to medical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries worldwide, has introduced a new oxygen gas stream analyser for food packaging applications with continuous gas flushing.

The GSA Model 102 is the smallest oxygen gas stream analyser ever manufactured for online form-fill-seal food packaging applications with continuous gas flushing.

Gas flushing is desired in a wide variety of food applications where CO2 or nitrogen is flushed into the package to displace oxygen and ensure shelf life is extended. Typical applications include meats, coffee, nuts, snack foods and fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables.

The GSA Model 102’s compact dimensions make it one-third the size of other commercially available gas flush analysers and the significantly smaller size simplifies its installation into new units or retrofitting on existing form-fill-seal equipment.

The model also comes with 2 patented processes, CalSmart and FlowSmart, enabling the user to choose the time and frequency that is automatically calibrated and monitor the in-stream gas flow to ensure that an adequate gas sample is being collected. Furthermore, the model is built with durable pumps rated for 10 year life and as a result does not require factory-performed sensor replacements.

A GSA Model 102 D is also available, featuring an LED display on the side of the unit showing the actual reading and also sending the data to the equipment’s control panel.

The company has also launched a new low-cost water vapour transmission rate analyser, the Permatran-W Model 1/50 WVTR, which gives companies the ability to perform in-house permeation analysis with an affordable, robust quality control instrument.