BOC Edwards, one of the leading vacuum pump manufacturers, has introduced a new HT20B â„¢ diffusion pump for both light and heavy-duty industrial applications. The robust and innovative new pump provides consistent long-term performance and delivers the highest throughput of any comparably sized pump, with up to 19mbar ls-1 for nitrogen.

Providing a high pumping speed of up to 8000 ls-1, the product is ideal for processes involving large quantities of gases, such as furnaces and coaters.

The HT20B diffusion pump has a machined, cast aluminium interior for exceptional pumping stability and a stainless steel body to prevent corrosion and ensure process cleanliness. It is simple to operate and requires minimum maintenance: the heaters and oil can be changed easily. The design of the interior and boiler assembly enables the pump's performance and ultimate vacuum to be maintained between oil changes.

John Skeates, business development manager for BOC Edwards, commented, $quot;We are delighted to be able to provide customers with a solution that meets their needs for a pump that has a low cost of ownership and is easily maintained.$quot;