Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. is pleased to announce that six new ENABLE Premier Distributor Agreements have been signed since January 2007.

$quot;In an effort to improve the ENABLE Program, Matheson Tri-Gas continues to add key distributors while it invests in technology that will give both Matheson and its independent distributors additional strengths and opportunities in the marketplace,$quot; stated John Smickenbecker, director of sales, Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc.

Distributors now participating in the ENABLE Distributor Development Programme at the Premier Level include Atlantic States Specialty Gases of Westfield, New Jersey; Jackson Welding Supply of Rochester, New York; Oxygen Services of Saint Paul, Minnesota; Ozarc Gas of Cape Girardeau, Missouri; Purity Cylinder Gases of Grand Rapids, Michigan and Weld Specialty Supply Corporation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The ENABLE Distributor Development Program offers a variety of options based on each distributor's business needs. Matheson Tri-Gas says, $quot;the ENABLE Premier Program is designed for distributors seeking a committed business relationship with Matheson Tri-Gas and provides benefits such as access to Matheson Tri-Gas training, technical services and marketing assistance.$quot;