Cold Jet, LLC, has introduced its new fully automated dry ice pellet-to-slice reformer, extending market opportunities for industrial gas companies.

The R3000 Reformer produces customisable dry ice slice sizes that can be used for a variety of applications, such as airline catering services and distribution of temperature sensitive goods.

The first system was recently sold to ACP Belgium NV, a producer of high-quality carbon dioxide (CO2).

Cold Jet’s reformer features a proprietary user-friendly design that allows users to reconfigure the dimensions of the press head assembly in less than 10 minutes. Reforming dry ice pellets into slices reduces dry ice (sublimation and waste) and eliminates the hazards associated with traditional ice block cutting processes.

Cold Jet’s R3000 is fully automated and can use both dry ice pellets and nuggets. The system can be easily integrated with a Cold Jet P3000 pelletiser to produce and reform high density pellets on demand into 1,000 ‘airline’ slices per hour.

Unlike traditional systems, Cold Jet’s reformer helps to control the loss of CO2 gas by reliquefaction.

“Cold Jet is a reliable and trusted partner, and the new reformer is one more example of why the company is leading the charge for dry ice innovation,” stated Jan Vansant, General Manager at ACP Europe.

“It is clear by the quality and performance of the reformer that Cold Jet has once again delivered, and we will fully leverage the system to meet the evolving dry ice needs of our customers.”

“Our partnerships with leading industrial gas companies around the world, such as ACP, have allowed us to work hand-in-hand to develop the solutions that their customers are demanding and that will help grow their businesses,” said Gene Cooke, President and CEO of Cold Jet.

“Our Reformer was developed from the ground up for superior performance and reliability; characteristics that are synonymous with the Cold Jet brand. The system will provide our customers with the best output to footprint ratio and make it easy for them to quickly produce a variety of slice sizes to meet the varying needs of their customers.”