HAM Group’s first Scandinavian LNG service station has been delivered to Finnish energy company Etelä-Savon Energia Oy (ESE), along with a satellite plant.

The facilities were designed, built and commissioned by HAM Group’s subsidiary HAM Criogénica.

Located in Mikkeli, Finland, the station has an 80m3 vertical tank and an LNG dispenser designed for refuelling trucks and heavy vehicles.

Through forced regasification with a water/glycol and LNG exchanger, the plant offers natural gas to an adjacent factory. Complete with a double regulation line, the design, made by HAM Criogénica, allows easy expansion of the gas station, with a second LNG dispenser.

Providing energy to the Mikkeli region for more than a century, ESE is focused on reducing its carbon footprint, along with nitrogen oxides and fine particles. LNG offers a cleaner fuel alternative and allows savings of 30-50% in comparison to other fossil-based fuels.

Boasting more than 300 projects undertaken throughout the world, HAM Criogénica has extensive experience in the LNG field and has designed and built facilities used in several different industries as well as the naval sector.

HAM Group is a leader in the LNG sector, having designed and built one of every four LNG service stations that currently exist in Europe.