BOC Edwards has announced the launch of a new family of ATLAS gas abatement solutions for semiconductor manufacturers.

The ATLAS systems meet the industry's need for three process-related abatement problems: ATLAS TCS addresses the common CVD gases, ATLAS TPU addresses PFC gases in CVD and etch processes, and ATLAS Kronis addresses the low-k CVD gases in next-generation processes.

The new ATLAS system consumes half the fuel of previous-generation gas abatement systems, significantly reducing running costs. It features one to six inlets with a number of options, including a temperature management system, and a flow capacity of up to 600slm. It also offers enhanced ease-of-use and is more efficient to maintain.

$quot;The ATLAS system is based on the previous-generation technology that customers worldwide have come to trust for performance, reliability, and safety; yet the ATLAS system offers improvements in operating costs, maintenance requirements and ease of use,$quot; said Jerome Boegner, exhaust gas management product manager (Asia), BOC Edwards. $quot;We've taken 12 years of field experience with the TCS, TPU, and Kronis products and have improved them with the family of new ATLAS systems.$quot;

The new ATLAS system retains the same inward-firing Alzeta combustor technology as previous-generation gas abatement products; however the layout has been redesigned to give maintenance engineers easier access. A large, color touch-screen display has also been added, further contributing to ease of use and maintenance of the ATLAS abatement systems. A combination of field-proven combustion abatement and wet scrubbing stages provide exceptional abatement performance, excellent powder handling and immunity to corrosion.