Senscient Inc, the US developer and manufacturer of advanced gas detection products, has recently announced the development of its SenseLine ELDS OPGD (open path gas detection) system employing its patented Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS) technology.

Targeted to meet new safety requirements in the oil, gas and petroleum processing industry for improved plant and personnel protection, the new SenseLine ELDS OPGD is scheduled to complete field tests this year and become available commercially through the company's distributors in February 2008.

The ELDS gas detection technology features 3 orders of magnitude better sensitivity for flammable gases and false alarm-free, low ppm level toxic gas detection in an economical open path configuration.

Open path IR detection technology requires fewer units to establish a detection zone, compared to existing point-type gas detectors. However, existing tungsten or pulsed xenon-based open path systems are only capable of detecting flammable gases. In addition, the older systems are only able to detect leaking gas at levels already high enough to cause considerable damage if ignited.

$quot;The benfits of the ELDS-based gas detection of: very high sensitivity, absolute selectivity, multi-gas detection capabilities for both toxic and flammable gases, remote electronic functional testing, and considerably reduced installation, maintenance, and field deployment costs make current gas detection products non-competitive,$quot; said Jean Berthold, CMO and VP of Senscient Inc.

The SenseLine ELDS OPGD transmitters and receivers can be spaced 5m to 200m apart and the system can report the presence of a gas leak early enough to allow remedial action by the user.