BSL Gas Technologies, a UK-based engineering design company specialising in industrial mixed gas solutions, has announced that its first Gas Mix FW panels have been installed and made operational in Hungary for welding applications.

BSL provides products for a number of industries and applications ranging from food and beverages, to mixed gases in welding operations, and the company’s new units have now been installed and made operational in Hungary, Eastern Europe.

The new style of gas mix panel incorporates a stainless steel case, copper pipe-work and all brass compression fittings, available in various sizes, for various gas mixtures and with pre-set and adjustable options.

The units supplied to Hungary were pre-set 50m3/hr panels, mixing CO2 with argon for welding applications and supplied with peripheral equipment to help installation and use, including a two stage CO2 gas filter, argon gas strainer and various valves.

End-user benefits include removing the need for an electrical supply or an additional gas storage tank, while the parts can be expensive to buy, maintain and re-certify.

BSL has been established since 1990 and as members of the British Compressed Gases Association, has manufactured 150,000 gas mixers including products for customers in Africa, Asia, Australasia, North and South America, as well as Europe.