Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced new IKR and PKR vacuum gauges to its family of ActiveLine total pressure measurement devices. The new gauges include the pure cold cathode (IKR 360/361) and Pirani cold cathode (PKR 360/361).

The IKR gauges cover the pressure range between 1 · 10-2 and 1 · 10-9 mbar. The PKR gauges cover the range from atmosphere to 1 · 10-9 mbar.

The patented design of the vacuum gauges, from Pfeiffer Vacuum, minimizes stray magnetic fields substantially. This is an important advantage in applications where external magnetic fields would prove disruptive, such as mass spectrometry or electron microscopy. Expensive magnetic shielding is no longer required. For simpler maintenance, the measurement chamber and the ignition tool are replaceable.

The product life cycle of both gauges has been substantially extended. The novel double-chamber design keeps process-related contaminants away from the measurement chamber, while the textured surface of the measurement chamber prevents measuring errors and lapses due to self-sputtering.

These vacuum gauges are available in a corrosive gas version as well as in low current and high current models. This ensures optimal adaptation to the customer’s process. Two LEDs indicate the operational status. For example, it can be seen at a glance if the cold cathode gas discharge has ignited.