A new generation of DIN EN 737-3 approved MG50, 100 and 200-2ME GB A gas mixers for the production of high purity (synthetic) air for medical applications from oxygen and nitrogen is now available from Witt.

Much simpler to handle and operate using two touch screens, the products also feature technologically associating them with Witt’s new MAPY gas analyser and Leakmaster leak detectors, allowing adjustment of the gas pressure and concentration.

Using both screens, it is now possible to analyse the results of two independently operating integrated gas analysers at the same time, ensuring that the correct mixture of oxygen and nitrogen is being used in the production of high purity air for medial applications.

The mixing precision is better than +/- 1% abs.

Two solenoid valves at the outlet of the gas mixer are designed to prevent gas from escaping, if either one of them should malfunction. These mixers can be connected via the Ethernet to a network and other systems.