Maxon Lift Corporation, manufacturer of truck and trailer liftgates in North America, has announced that in cooperation with Smithfield Foods and Hercules Manufacturing Company, the engineered interlocking handrail system received the 2016 Safety First Grant Winner award for 2nd place.

The prestigious honour was awarded by Safety National, the leading insurance provider in the casualty market.

Maxon was introduced to Smithfield foods by Hercules Manufacturing and asked to help resolve the issue of potential falls from the back of trucks at delivery stops.

The solution resulted in the creation of an Interlocking Handrail System that was specifically tailored for the liftgates in Smithfield Foods’ fleet. The system includes a set of handrails that are purposely stored where they must be engaged in order to use the liftgate. The handrails fold over the work surface, requiring the user to raise them before rolling any cart onto the liftgate platform. Since implementation of this feature on their fleet, Smithfield Foods has seen an 80 to 90 percent reduction in this type of fall related injury.

Brent Stratton, Co-President at Maxon, commented, “We as a company are always interested in partnering with companies like Smithfield Foods to stay on the cutting edge of new features and benefits that will promote safety. The safety rails we are developing for your fleet will become an example for other fleets to follow into the future. You guys are on the vanguard.”

The new handrail System

The new handrail system

Source: Maxon