Helison Marketing Ltd can now rely on a new Helium logistics platform in Berre France, providing increased Helium storage and shipment facilities for all it helium customers.

The new helium platform situated 30 kilometres north of Marseille, France will allow for increased storage and shipment of gas containers through Europe on route to Skikda Algeria.

The new facility also incorporates 7,500m2 surface area for the storage of up to 31 empty/full containers, and a new facility for the refilling of liquid nitrogen container insulation reservoir.

Helison Marketing will now collect all empty containers in Berre for inspection and transportation through weekly shipments via Marseille to Algeria for refilling. Newly filled helium containers will be shipped back through the new Berre storage platform onwards to clients within Europe and beyond.

Ammar Brahimi, Deputy Managing Director of Helison Marketing stated: 'The Berre platform will enable Helison Marketing to offer a complete and reliable logistics chain from Berre to the helium plant in Skikda and back to Marseille. It will guarantee a safe trip of these high value helium containers as well as a reliable helium supply ex Marseille to any client throughout Europe and beyond'.