Caloric, a leading company specialising in the design and manufacture of gas generating plants, has been awarded the contract for a hydrogen generating plant which uses methanol as feed stock, as part of a new industrial complex producing polysilicon in Taiwan.

As another plant which will be installed on the highly technically-developed Taiwanese market and with a capacity of 840 Nm³/h, the contract includes basic and detail engineering plus the entire equipment supply for the methanol cracker unit including a PSA system.

Following delivery in spring 2009, the plant will be erected by the client and taken into operation by Caloric’s specialists until the following autumn.

Meanwhile, Caloric has also won the contract for the delivery of two hydrocarbon economy plants to be installed at two new steel production sites under construction in Turkey, following the successful start-up of its first plant of this kind in the Middle East recently.

In order to provide a decentralised, cost effective solution for small hydrogen demands at locations where external supply with hydrogen, for example via trailers, is difficult, Caloric developed the HCE process in which the steam reforming of hydrocarbons is made at low pressure and reduced temperature. This reduces investment cost, as most parts of the plant are classified as non-pressure equipment.

In-keeping with the company's usual standard, both plants will be skid-mounted, pre-assembled, wired and checked in Caloric’s workshop, to be delivered to Turkey within a period of only 360 days.