Neodym Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of ProtiSen, a hydrogen sensor intended for gas safety monitoring in hydrogen powered vehicles and in power generation equipment such as fuel cells and battery charging systems.

ProtiSen monitors perform linear sensing of hydrogen in air from 0 to
40,000 ppm (4 percent volume in air) with 200 ppm resolution and fast
start-up/response time. The environmental operating range is -40 to +80 degrees Celsius and 0 to 99 percent R.H. The devices can be powered from 5 to 24VDC and consume about 750mW.

Output signal options include 0-3VDC proportional, voltage-encoded state (normal, warning, alarm, fault), TTL, and open drain (2A at 60V). The devices are compatible with Neodym's PK-Port(TM) single-wire
digital signaling protocol for PC-based real time monitoring and data logging.

ProtiSen(TM) monitors also employ catalytic sensing elements with in-line VOC filters and feature good long-term stability, increased tolerance of silicone-based contaminants, and immunity from sensor damage in the event of hydrogen overexposure from massive gas leaks or during aggressive testing.