Due to popular demand, gasworld Business Intelligence is introducing new ways to subscribe and access region-specific data for your company. This new structure will offer subscribers with a particular interest in a certain region, a more cost-effective way to access gasworld’s extensive market research.

Regional dashboards

The regions that gasworld Business Intelligence will offer will include:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Central Asia
  • South Asia
  • South East Asia
  • North Pacific Rim
  • South Pacific Rim
  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe

Market analysis

gasworld has a dedicated team of business analysts with in-depth knowledge of the global industrial gas market. Its team is constantly updating country specific reports and dashboards, through primary and secondary research, as well as interviews with senior management officials in market-leading companies.


  • GDP (%)
  • IPI (%)
  • Gas Market (%)
Year:,GDP (%),IPI (%),Gas Market (%) 2001,1.6,-0.4,-2.1 2002,2.1,0.2,5.0 2003,2.4,1.7,2.6 2004,4.3,4.4,0.2 2005,2.8,2.3,0.0 2006,4.7,3.5,-1.5 2007,3.4,4.0,7.7 2008,-0.6,-2.9,0.1 2009,-5.2,-17.9,-12.6 2010,6.0,8.7,9.7 2011,2.7,7.6,6.9 2012,-0.3,2.7,3.3 2013,1.2,2.7,3.0 2014,2.3,1.8,2.6 2015,4.1,1.8,-0.3
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What’s included?

gasworld’s Business Intelligence dashboards feature key interactive market information, including:

  • Macroeconomic benchmarks
  • Market shares by company
  • Gas value analysis
  • Supply mode analysis
  • End-user breakdowns
  • Market forecasts
  • Interactive plant and cylinder filling maps – including location, company and capacity for each entry.

In order to suit the varied needs and requests of our subscribers, we have made all our featured data available to download.

Demonstration and pricing

For more information on the pricing of the regional dashboards, or to request a demonstration, please contact gasworld Business Intelligence on +44 1872 225031, or email intelligence@gasworld.com