A new scattered-light turbidity meter from Optek Danulat of Wisconsin, is designed to provide inline control solutions for a variety of industrial gas and liquid processes and is now available with a variety of line sizes, process connections and wetted materials.

The TF16-N is a precise, dual-channel meter capable of producing precise, real-time and repeatable results, with high particle concentrations monitored colour-independent at the direct-light detector. The TF16-N uses light in the near-infrared range from 730 to 970mm.

A dual-beam design compensates for background colour or colour changes and a precisely defined constant light beam penetrates the process medium. Light scattered from particles in the medium is detected by eight hermetically sealed silicon photo diodes at an 11 degree angle.

The sensor can be calibrated in ppm, EBC or FTU and measures extremely low particle sizes and concentrations.