Smart-Hose Technologies, manufacturer of the Smart-Hose Safety System for gas and liquid fluid transfer systems, has announced the formation of three new strategic marketing alliances.

ACME Cryogenics, Inc., Allentown PA, the premier U.S. cryogenic equipment manufacturer, has joined with Smart-Hose Technologies to market all Smart-Hose Safety Systems designs to the independent industrial gas & welding distribution marketplace plus select industrial gas producers here in the United States.

The announcement was made by Andy Abrams, vice president, Smart-Hose Technologies. $quot;The new partnership will provide customers immediate and local access to the finest, most advanced safety hoses available today,$quot; said Abrams. $quot;It will also give us an expanded market presence for our Smart-Hose I, Smart-Hose I with breakaway, Smart-Hose II and Smart-Hose III patented safety hoses which provide greater worker safety and eliminate environmental damage due to coupling ejection, stretching, or hose separation.$quot;

On the international front, Smart-Hose Technologies also announced new partnerships in Scandinavia and Korea. WiroArgonic AB, Motala, Sweden is Scandinavia's leading supplier of customized metal-, PTFE-, and high pressure gas hoses. WiroArgonic will be responsible for supplying Smart-Hose products to the European marketplace. And, in South Korea, where Smart-Hose products are already highly regarded in the Korean Petro Chemical industry, Smart-Hoseâ„¢ Technologies - Korea, Seoul, Korea has been formed and Mr. Brian Bum Kim named President.

$quot;We are delighted with these newly formed partnerships as the company moves to expand our global footprint and bring Smart-Hose safety products closer to the industries we serve,$quot; said Mr. Abrams. $quot;With existing relationships already in the UK, Australia, India and China, these newly announced alliances serve to further strengthen the company's reach, both here at home, as well as in Europe and Asia.$quot;