Matheson Tri-Gas has launched its new DS-R Line of electronic cylinder scales for precisely weighing compressed liquefied gas cylinders.

The only accurate determinant of the remaining contents of a cylinder containing a liquefied gas is its weight. Therefore, scales are useful for monitoring cylinders containing alkanes, alkenes, ammonia, nitrous oxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen iodide, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen chloride, chlorine and other gases.

Any liquefied gas can be monitored using a cylinder scale. In critical applications, users operate with the cylinder continuously in place on the scale, so that cylinder contents can be monitored at all times.

The new line of scales from Matheson Tri-Gas includes five models with capacities ranging from 60 pounds (for small and aluminum cylinders) to 1000 pounds.

The larger scales are equipped with an oversized 3.75 square foot weighing platform.
Each one of the models is less than 2 inches high, so load placement is easily accomplished.

The scales use stainless steel load cells (strain gauges) to extend operating life. The menu-driven user interface is fully programmable, and uses a LCD graphic display with large 1 inch characters.

Controls are simple, and the tare limit is the full capacity of the scale; accuracy is +/- 0.1% of full scale.

In use, the weight of the cylinder (tare) is stamped into each cylinder; the user enters the tare weight (plus the weight of the pressure regulator) via the scale’s keypad, so the display reflects the total weight of the contents.

Options include data logging, computer interface (by USB, RS232, or Ethernet), battery back-up, and intrinsically safe construction/certification.