Cryotech International, Inc. has announced the successful installation and start-up of an extensive, DynaFlex liquid nitrogen (LN2) piping system at the Max Plank Institute in Stuttgart, Germany.

Cryotech says their all stainless steel vacuum jacketed system supplies pure, low pressure LN2 to Max Plank's state of the art molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) laboratory.

David Carnahan, project manager, stated, $quot;The DynaFlex system from Cryotech replaced an underperforming system. With the DynaFlex system installed, personnel can now take full advantage of their MBE equipment.$quot;

To satisfy customer requirements, Cryotech incorporated, working with it's European Distributor, Peco Europe, installed a sophisticated valve control, a custom liquid-gas phase separator, and an in-line sight glass into the DynaFlex pipe system.