Denmark’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) production looks set to skyrocket after several key players involved the industry announced the development of a new production facility in the Port of Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Along with several other partners, the Bunker Holding Group is planning to build a production centre to produce LNG for the maritime sectors in both Denmark and Sweden.

Together with its subsidiary, Unioil Supply A/S, the Danish company has established a collaborative effort with other national companies who are involved the LNG industry, although further names were not disclosed.

It is understood that Unioil Supply will handle the commercial aspects of the LNG project, whilst fellow Danish company Kosan Crisplant A/S will manufacture and supply all the equipment in order for the new terminal’s infrastructure and facilities to be built.

On top of this, Kosan Crisplant will establish a unique and fully automated emission-free plant for bunkering LNG for ships and a sizeable liquefaction unit.

Currently, LNG is transported from a large terminal outside of the country, but the establishment of this new LNG production facility will exploit the well-developed natural gas grid available in Denmark and will enable widespread availability of local LNG.

We expect a rising demand for LNG in the years ahead…We are ready to cover all of Denmark and Sweden

Bo Larsen, Commercial Director for Kosan Crisplant, signified, “With 65 years in the gas sector, and after having implemented almost 3,000 gas installations all over the world, we are pleased to be involved in this exciting project in Denmark.”

“Producing LNG from the natural gas grid is a new area of growth for us, and being allowed to organise a project with the strongest players in their respective fields is a dream situation for an engineering firm like ours. We look forward to making a first-class project which resonates all over the world.”

Peter Zachariassen, Head of Physical at Bunker Holding, continued, “We expect a rising demand for LNG in the years ahead, and we have been good at finding the perfect business parters. Our extremely well-organised set-up means that we are ready to cover all of Denmark and Sweden.”

“LNG is part of the future, and it is important for us to be at the cutting edge of developments and to be able to offer our customers diversification in our product portfolio. Thus, several shipping companies have already taken great interest in our project which helps to emphasise Denmark’s focus on green energy.”

An estimated 100,000 ships pass through the straits near Skagen, Frederikshavn each year.