Nordic energy company Gasum will open a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) station serving heavy-duty vehicles in this summer in Southwest Finland.

Located in the Avanti business and industrial area of Lieto, this new station, together with the existing filling station in Turku, will serve logistics customers and companies in Southwest Finland.

For logistics company Kuljetus Harri Mikkola, which operates out of Oripää and Kaarina, the new filling station has allowed the company to place an order for its first LNG-fuelled vehicle.

Kuljetus Harri Mikkola operates contract runs for Lidl Finland and alternative fuels are a significant way for the company to reduce emissions and stand out from the competition.

“The initiative for a vehicle fuelled cleaner energy came from our contractor, Lidl Finland,” explained Teemu Mikkola Ky, owner of Harri Mikkola Ky.

“Since as a company we’ve always been interested in the latest innovations and responsible solutions in the industry, we were immediately excited by the idea.”

“We got together to think over the various alternatives and in the end decided on LNG, since it’s perfect for driving long distances.”

“The decision was also supported by the new gas filling station on highway 10, since the location is brilliant for our runs.”

Demand for alternative fuels has grown at an incredible rate as companies pursue increasingly more environment-friendlier transport kilometres.

Over the lifecycle of the fuel, liquefied natural gas can help to cut greenhouse gas emissions by around 20% compared to diesel and filling up with renewable biogas can achieve emissions reductions of up to 85%.

“The heavy-duty transport filling station being built in Lieto is part of our network of filling stations in the Nordic countries and adds to it in Finland while strengthening the possibilities for heavy-duty transport to fill up in Southwestern Finland,” said Markus Kaarlela, Development Manager, Traffic, Gasum.

“LNG and biogas are an environmentally aware solution that is in reach today to respond to the growing challenges posed by emissions in heavy-duty transport. In addition to which using gas can deliver savings in fuel costs.” 

“The choice can also be a positive statement to customers and consumers and make a company stand out from the competition.”