Today, LNGTainer launched a new type of LNG tank container which features many modern benefits for the user to experience.

These benefits are such as being approximately 30% lighter, have a 10% larger volume, is fast loading even with warm tanks, provides a plug in solution for gas output with the unit being remotely controlled and monitored.

Furthermore, the tank has an integrated regasification unit meaning no additional means are required to get gas out directly. The most revolutionary aspect of the new tank container, and what gives a basis for the advanced design, is the fact that the insulation has been moved from the outside of the cryogenic tanks to the inside.

LNGTainer CEO, Tom Sommardal, stated at the launch, “Our monitoring system gives the possibility to follow the tank container’s position, and the amount of LNG in it, whilst providing the opportunity for us to be able to deliver LNG on time to meet the customers’ needs in the most efficient way.”