The Tornio Manga LNG gas receiving terminal has been inaugurated in Tornio, northern Finland. The terminal is the largest in the Nordic region.

The project was led by Manga LNG Oy, a joint venture between Finnish companies Outokumpu Group, SSAB, Gasum Oy and EPV Energy Ltd., and Wärtsilä.

The terminal will supply natural gas to Outokumpu’s Torino steel mill and LNG to local industries, mines and other consumers in the region.

LNG from the terminal will also be supplied to the LNG storage facility, also supplied by Wärtsilä, at the SSAB Raahe steel mill.

The terminal will also supply LNG as a fuel to ships, such as the new icebreaker Polaris, operating in the Gulf of Bothnia.

“The Tornio Manga LNG terminal is creating a long-term platform for cost-efficient, environmentally more sustainable energy supply in Northern Europe,” said Matti Suurnäkki, Chairman of the Board Manga LNG Oy.

“The beneficiaries include industrial and mining companies, shipping and road transportation companies, power and heat utilities in this area. Wärtsilä, with special value-adding capabilities in this field, was a natural choice to participate in the project and a valuable partner.”

“This project demonstrates our know-how on gas technology and gas as fuel as well as our expertise in medium-scale LNG distribution,” said Antti Kämi, Vice-President, Engine Power Plants, Wärtsilä Energy Business.

“We are product to work together with Manga LNG Oy to deliver this terminal and enable a sustainable energy supply for an energy-intensive industrial region.”

The gas receiving terminal was completed on 11th June (2019).