The latest addition to a new generation of medical gas cylinders is helping hospitals and emergency services deliver life-saving oxygen more efficiently, easily and safely.

Launched by medical gases specialist BOC Medical, the new durable, lightweight and easy-to-use ZX oxygen cylinder is lighter and safer with more capacity than conventional steel cylinders and is steadily replacing existing cylinder stocks across the country.

Using an advanced steel and carbon fibre design the ZX has a 3000 litre oxygen capacity, twice that of its steel counterpart and weighs just 10kg, making it safe and easy to manoeuvre. For added safety, BOC has included a permanently live contents gauge to allow constant monitoring of gas levels, whether or not the cylinder is in use.

BOC Medical marketing manager, David Owers said: “BOC Medical has always recognised that the production and use of medical gases requires rigorous testing and quality assurance and consideration for the safety of those who use or handle gas.

Said Owers:“As a consequence we constantly look at how cylinders and valves are used and the demands placed on them by the medical community to ensure our medical gases are safe, dispensed efficiently and increasingly portable.

“Through the application of carbon fibre technology BOC has developed a new range of lightweight cylinders that will help medical practitioners actively manage and reduce risk, whether to patients, visitors or staff.”