Koch Agronomic Services (KAS) introduces its new EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) approved CENTURO nitrification inhibitor for anhydrous ammonia and UAN.

While nitrogen (N2) fertilisers have made feeding our growing world possible for years, external factors like weather make their use an imprecise science, and it hasn’t always been an exercise in efficiency. N2 loss – the various processes by which Nmoves away from a plant’s root zone – can be a problem for farmers concerned about both their yield and their environmental impact. In fact, as much as 50% of applied N2 doesn’t get used by crops in a given year.

The new CENTURO nitrification inhibitor will help farmers increase their output to feed the rapidly expanding population while also helping them minimise their environmental impact.

“Due to many conditions often outside farmers’ control, as much as half of the N2 in applied fertiliser becomes unavailable for plant uptake,” says Greg Schwab, Director of Agronomy with Koch Agronomic Services.

“With this new product, we’ve created something that not only addresses this problem, but also helps save farmers time and money – two resources that can’t be grown in a field,” he added.

According to Schwab, N2 that is not taken up by the plant can be lost to the environment and become a lost resource to farmers – farmers like Lynn Fahrmeier in rural Missouri.


“When we apply N2 in the fall, we always hope we put down enough to cover losses in the spring and have enough for the crop,” says Fahrmeier. “So being able to apply the right product at the right rate at the right time is very important. I don’t want an expensive product leaving the root zone after application, and a nitrification inhibitor like this would help prevent that from happening.”

Incorporating a nitrification inhibitor helps combat N2 losses, stabilising it in plants’ root zones longer so crops have more time to absorb it. And as more N2 is absorbed by crops, less is lost to the environment through natural processes like denitrification and leaching. In fact, studies have shown that with a nitrification inhibitor, as much as three times more N2 is available to the plant.

The CENTURO is now available for order in the US. This product marks the first time in over 40 years that a nitrification inhibitor has received FIFRA registration.

Justin Hoppas, KAS Executive Vice-President, said, “Our team of agronomists, chemists and technology specialists have spent the past nine years working on a technology that could make a grower’s N2 investment more efficient. Today, we have CENTURO, which has been scientifically proven to reduce N2 loss and optimise nutrient-use efficiency.

“Farmers throughout the Corn Belt are facing growing economic and environmental pressures, and we understand fertiliser additives must perform and pay off. CENTURO is now available as one more tool in a grower’s toolbox to increase agricultural efficiencies and optimise their crop nutrition investments.”