Nitrocraft, a gas generator specialist and Air Liquide affiliate, has launched a new range of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen (N2) generators featuring integrated air compressors.

The France-based business engineered two models for its new NC LC/MS VI series; the NC LC/MS C, which features an integrated air compressor, and the NC LC/MS R, which comes with an existing air supply.

As a result of their integrated air compressors, the compact N2 generators can reach flow rates of up to 70 litres per minute and offer a wide scope of purities, ranging from 97-99.9997%.

Nitrocraft nitrogen generator range

Source: Nitrocraft

The NC LC/MS VI range has been specifically designed for the international laboratory market, targeting applications such as liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC/MS) and gas chromatography (GC).

Although Nitrocraft’s presence in the laboratory market is nothing new having manufactured gas generators for more than two decades, the company’s Export Sales Manager Guillaume Moiroux highlighted, “Given the constant evolution of analysers used in laboratories, Nitrocraft decided to upgrade in order to be more competitive on the international market.”

“Today, our new range is more powerful, more compact and more competitive. We want to create a place for us on the international laboratory market scene and, to align our position, we are also working on new products such as combined N2 and air generators.”

All generators are manufactured in Nitrocraft’s production warehouse in Herbignac, western France.

Founded in 1996, Nitrocraft designs, manufactures and services onsite gas generators, developing a wide range of products for the industrial and laboratory sectors. The French company became an affiliate of the Air Liquide group in 2003.