The Ceodeux Meditec unit of Rotarex SA has introduced a new intelligent valve integrated with pressure regulator (VIPR) to improve the delivery of medical oxygen (O2) therapy.

The new VIPR, called Life+, features an integrated design including a shut off valve, pressure regulator, flow selector, RPV, outlet hose barb and filling port, along with an electronic gauge that is powered by an intelligent data management system.


Rotarex ceodeux meditec o2 vipr

Life+ functions accurately up to 300 bar and contains an electronic digital system giving a clear read-out of all information concerning pressure, contents, alarm and remaining time of use to monitor patient O2 therapy.

The new VIPR has been designed by the Luxembourg-based business for easier medical use and is aimed at hospital rooms and homecare environments. 

Solène Garnavault, Marketing Manager of Ceodeux Meditec, signified, “The Life+ digital calculation system provides traceability and valve management – which is great progress. And, it gives user the highest degree of accuracy and precision while ensuring an uninterrupted supply of O2.”


Ceodeux Meditec provides medical gas safety, control and productivity and offers one of the industry’s most complete ranges of medical gas control equipment, with particular emphasis on medical cylinder valves. It is a business unit of gas valve manufacturer Rotarex, which is based in Lintgen, Luxembourg.