Servomex has announced the immediate launch of its new online resource,, which it claims is the most comprehensive technical resource for industrial gas analysis available online.

According to Servomex, highlights the crucial role effective gas analysis plays in supporting operations across the full spectrum of industrial gas processes – whether being used in process control, ensuring product purity and quality control, or aiding plant safety management.

Servomex’s expertise in all aspects of gas analysis is showcased in a range of multimedia resources designed specifically for use by industrial gas professionals, as well as presenting Servomex’s extensive range of analyser technologies that now incorporates the recently acquired Delta F range of analysers.

Servomex’s technical team has created a range of regularly updated materials, which offer visitors direct access to Servomex’s in-depth expertise. A video channel and series of podcasts cover a range of technology and application topics, while a range of specially created technical papers focus on application issues and are available free-of-charge as PDF downloads.

The first resources to be released include a technical paper on the uses of using zirconia oxygen technology in nitrogen purity applications, a podcast reviewing the key technologies available for industrial gas applications and an introductory video outlining the key points a customer should look for when choosing a suitable gas analysis company to work with.

“Today Servomex offers the broadest choice of technologies to achieve the widest range of measurements for the IG [industrial gas] market, so it seemed logical that we should launch a resource that could be of use to the whole industry,” said Charles Segar, Product Business Manager, Servomex.

“Supported by our unrivalled applications knowledge, Servomex brings the expertise to gas analysis in the IG market and reflects the unique position we hold.”

Datasheets, manuals and application notes for the extensive Servomex analyser range will also be available for direct download, while visitors can make combustion enquiries direct to Servomex using an online enquiry form.

The result is a web resource which will appeal to a broad range of industrial gas professionals working in a range of industries including ASU plant operation, specialty gas and medical gas production, UHP/semiconductor manufacture and helium and hydrogen production.