India-based Sanghi and MSPL Gases have jointly launched an oxygen plant at M/s Steel Authority of India\\$quot;s (SAIL) plant.

According to Vaibhav Sanghi, director of Sanghi, the installed plant is a matter of pride for Sanghi. \\$quot;The plant was fully developed by Indian engineering skill. It is the first of its kind manufactured by an Indian manufacturer, offering a cost effective solution to all integrated steel units across the world.

\\$quot;The plant has been successfully commissioned to produce high purity gaseous and liquid oxygen for lancing and blowing in blast furnaces for steel making.\\$quot;

The 60tpd plant produces high purity oxygen at 99.9% purity and ultra high purity nitrogen at 99.9999% purity. The plant can also operate in a part liquid mode. It feeds gaseous oxygen into the steel unit at a pressure of 30 bar and enters production within eight hours of startup.