OEMs and end-users alike will benefit from the speed, power and precision of a new and highly advanced electro-hydraulic cylinder, which has been launched by Parker Hannifin.

The new HMIX cylinder is a fully integrated sub-system, combining proven Parker tie-rod cylinder technology with a high precision feedback transducer, manifold and pipework, into a single easy-to-fit unit.

This enables machine developers and builders to enhance the functionality and performance of machine systems, quickly and simply, while reducing installation, configuration and maintenance times.

Key to the overall performance of the new HMIX electro-hydraulic cylinder is a sophisticated, internally mounted magnetostrictive transducer. This provides continuous analogue or digital feedback of the actuator's position, derived from the interaction of two magnetic fields. These are generated by a permanent magnet attached to the actuator piston, and by a magnetic pulse produced by a current pulse launched along a copper core inside a waveguide tube, which runs the length of the piston rod.

The compact design of the transducer means that the new HMIX electro-hydraulic cylinder is only slightly longer than a standard device, helping to simplify machine layout. Similarly, the non-contacting design of the transducer, the tough steel protection tube for the transducer electronics and connector, plus the use of high tensile, carbon alloy steel piston rods and one-piece steel piston, mechanically locked to the rod, ensures a long and trouble-free operating life.

The precision machined steel manifold and rugged steel pipework have been engineered to offer exceptional levels of reliability, even under the most arduous of conditions, and are designed to deliver optimum flow dynamics, to improve system performance and speed of response. The manifold can be connected directly to a wide range of industry standard control valves, and can be supplied to fit NG6, NG10 and NG16 valve sizes, depending on the power and speed requirements of each application.

The new HMIX electro-hydraulic cylinders have been introduced for designers and machine builders assembling a system from off-the-shelf, pre-assembled and tested components. Where a full, integrated electro-hydraulic axis control system is required, Parker offers a purpose-built cylinder with dedicated control valve and digital controller, supplied complete and ready for installation.

HMIX electro-hydraulic cylinders are ideal for operating pressures up to 210 bar, and are available in a range of eight mounting styles, with bore sizes from 40mm to 200mm and stroke lengths of up to 3000mm. Typical applications include machine tools, plastic injection moulding machines, welding machines and test equipment.