Could all industrial processes be completely decarbonised in the future? That’s the idea behind a revolutionary new partnership between technology specialist Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL) and resource management company Veolia.

The two parties have teamed up in a collaboration that aims to drastically reduce the greenhouse effect of industrial processes and rollout large-scale carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and industrial re-use via an open innovation approach.

The partnership will leverage CCSL’s patented CO2 separation technology by combining it with Veolia’s commitment to combatting climate change.

CCSL’s CEO Aniruddha Sharma said that the new collaboration was an ‘ideal alliance’ and added, “The partnership with Veolia will further boost our mission to help companies lower their carbon footprint in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.”

Laurent Auguste, Executive Vice-President Innovation & Markets at Veolia, commented, “With CCSL, we will mitigate CO2 emissions and enhance the prospects for the circular economy around carbon capture and its use by industry.”

Making strides

CCSL has been making significant strides in the field of CO2 capture recently, including the successful commissioning of its flagship project in Tamil Nadu, India, where a coal-fired power plant has become the site of the first industrial installation to re-use all its CO2 emissions.

The ground-breaking project captures 60,000 metric tonnes of CO2 every year at just $30 per tonne – half the cost of current technology.

The Mumbai-based business also recorded breakthrough test results from its successful pilot campaign at the Norway-based Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) in May 2016.

The trial demonstrated that CO2 could be captured using a re-generable solvent and a unique heat coupling method and successfully captured more than 25,000 tonnes of CO2 with plant availability levels reaching the maximum 100% over a six-month period.