A newly formed partnership is looking to develop and commercialise drone-based natural hydrogen and helium detection technology.

New Energy Ventures (NEV) on Friday (July 16) said it has teamed up with Perspectum Drone Inspection Services to create and fund a new enterprise dedicated to the technology.

Together, the duo will collaborate to jointly develop an early-stage technology further, produce a working prototype and refine the model for commercialisation.

On the news, Tara Roberts CEO of New Energy Ventures, said, “It is important that we all do our part to help reach an energy efficient low carbon future.”

“NEV plans to contribute to this mission by partnering with talented entrepreneurial management teams to develop technologies that will help protect our planet and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Ty Pfeifer, CEO of Perspectum, added, “Perspectum is pleased and excited to collaborate with NEV in the search for naturally occurring, native hydrogen – the only realistic approach to a net zero energy source.”

“For the past two years, Perspectum has been developing drone-based/AI-driven, multi-sensor arrays for methane detection in the oil and gas industry allowing clients to meet the ever-increasing reporting and compliance requirements focused on greenhouse gas emissions.” 

“Developing a drone-based detection system to identify natural hydrogen emanations is a logical progression for our company. We obviously want to be on the leading edge of this rapidly growing trend and the synergies of the partners in this collaboration create a strong organisation.”