Brand new closed chamber technology from IceTech means its new hydraulic pelletiser range can maximise efficiency and profitability of dry ice production.

The company’s new pelletisers have a plethora of benefits, which will save users a great deal of time and money.

Unlike conventional pelletisers, which take at least 25 minutes to produce their first pellets, the new pelletiser series from IceTech produces pellets from stroke one, saving approximately 90% of the start-up carbon dioxide usage, compared to other pelletisers.

IceTech anticipates that with a continuous normal-scale daily production of dry ice, a company may easily be able to save up to €40,000 on an annual basis, thanks to the new pelletisers.

The new, automatic change of extruder plates removes down time and reduces loss of valuable carbon dioxide.

The pellet length and quality are also optimised using the new pelletiser technology, and the complete version of pelletiser can produce two sizes of pellets at the same time.

The degree of liquid carbon dioxide exploitation has been increased via the new heat exchanger, which ensures less waste of energy during the sublimation process. Moreover, the closed chamber technology prevents dew from condensing inside the extruder.

The machine parts are protected by a moisture-free enclosure, which also reduces the noise level to a minimum – below 75 dB(A).

If the IceMaker is connected to a company’s LAN or Internet, the entire display can be transferred to any computer desktop, anywhere in the world.