A new world-scale air separation plant is to be built in Texas.

Built by Air Liquide Large Industries US LP, the plant near Houston is scheduled to begin operating mid 2007, producing gaseous oxygen and nitrogen and associated liquid products.

The plant will be connected to Air Liquide's Gulf Coast pipeline network and will supply both existing and new clients, especially those in the refining industry.

As Woody Garmon, president of Air Liquide Large Industries, a subsidiary of Air Liquide Holdings, said: \\$quot;We work very closely with our petrochemical and refining customers along the Gulf Coast to meet their manufacturing needs and we are committed to supporting their expanding requirements.\\$quot;

The new plant will use technology developed and commercialised by Air Liquide's ongoing research and development and engineering development efforts.

Air Liquide's 1,800 miles of pipeline network delivers oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen to customers from Corpus Christi, Texas to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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