Air Products has announced that it has completed construction on a new ultra-high purity (UHP) ammonia distillation plant in Ulsan, Korea.

The new plant, which is now on-stream, will service the Asian and global electronics industry and will be operated by Air Products subsidiary Korea Industrial Gases (KIG).

Air Products will continue to produce UHP ammonia at its Morrisville, and Hometown, Pennsylvania facilities in the Unites States.

Electronics Business’s VP Mike Hilton says the opening of the company’s UHP ammonia distillation plant in Korea, which is the first in Asia, reinforces Air Products' position as the global leader in UHP ammonia manufacture and supply.

He continued: \\$quot;As purity and volume requirements continue to rise for UHP ammonia, this technologically-advanced facility will allow us to better serve customers in this region and throughout the world.\\$quot;

UHP ammonia is an electronic specialty gas crucial in the manufacture of flat panel displays such as Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Displays (TFT-LCD), integrated circuits and Light Emitting Diodes (LED), which are used in applications such as cell phones and automotive lighting and are displacing conventional lighting alternatives based on their ability to operate at reduced power, lower temperatures and with extended lifetimes.

Air Products will manufacture two grades of ammonia at its new facility — VLSI Ammonia (99.999% purity), which is used to produce flat panel display and integrated circuits, and the company's White AmmoniaTM (99.99999% purity), the purest line of ammonia available today and a critical component in the production of LEDs.