Flow-Cal, Inc., the market leader in measurement data management for natural gas and petroleum liquids, is excited to announce the release of their latest suite of field measurement products, TESTit 3, PROVEit 9, and PYCit 3.

These latest releases offer innovative new features and enhanced functionality, improving on the solid framework developed in prior versions. Flow-Cal’s field applications are designed to schedule and record the calibration, testing and proving of field equipment through an intuitive and user-friendly solution. Employing the latest API and GPA calculations, Flow-Cal’s field products provide automation tools to meet the needs of field personnel and adhere to the industry’s stringent guidelines.

The much-anticipated TESTit, version 3.0, offers an improved visual design based on the latest Microsoft Office User Interface. This new appearance also applies to PROVEit 9 and PYCit 3 providing a uniform look and feel between products. Additionally, TESTit 3 offers a number of customization options, enhanced security features, and incorporates the latest API 21.1 updates and CFX compatibility, allowing the import and validation of meter characteristic data.

The most significant development, however, is the integration of TESTit, PROVEit and PYCit into one powerful gas and liquids field application. PROVEit and PYCit are now available as optional features within TESTit 3, allowing for full support, including scheduling, of liquid and liquid density devices.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of this next generation of Flow-Cal’s field products,” said Flower Pledger, Flow-Cal’s Director of Product Management. “We see this as not only a milestone for Flow-Cal, but also for the industry. By integrating field measurement operations into a single system, companies can work more efficiently and remain compliant with industry requirements.”

Both PROVEit and PYCit also received additional security enhancements, extended administrator features and an improved data exchange utility for faster results.

Upcoming development plans for the field product line include TESTit 3 integration into FLOWCAL Enterprise, as well as, integration with CALCit and its gas and liquids calculators.