A new process has been introduced for semiconductor wafer cleaning, eliminating the negative side effects of traditional plasma cleaning.

The process has been introduced by Eco-Snow Systems, a member of the BOC Group and a leading supplier of dry carbon dioxide snow-based wafer cleaning tools.

Unlike traditional oxygen plasma cleaning, the new CO2-based dry process will not promote oxide layer growth, silicon loss or mobile ion diffusion which can negatively affect device performance. The new process can also be combined with conventional wet cleaning to achieve the required surface conditioning of the semiconductor wafer surface.

The process is conducted in a new cleaning tool, WaferClean 36000, which can process both 200 and 300mm wafers.

Joe Clark, general manager of Eco-Snow Systems, described the process. He said: \\$quot;The particle removal process can also be used for photo mask, MRAM, MEMS, compound and back-end assembly, such as imaging devices. It can be used to supplement or supplant existing wet cleaning operations.\\$quot;

The tool is available in modular or standalone configurations for easy integration with customers' existing manufacturing processes. It can be used as a one-step, all-dry process offering manufacturers flexible conditions for removing particles without the detrimental effects of poly silicon or oxide film etch.

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