The LNG division of Kosan Crisplant a/s, KC LNG, has finished its new product: the KC LNG Y-piece for LNG marine bunkering.

By allowing the attachment of two tank trailers simultaneously, this innovative solution makes it possible to refuel a ship with LNG at twice the capacity in the same time as normal truck-to-ship bunkering. KC LNG hopes that this new product will help to make the adaptation of LNG, the cleanest fossil fuel available, feasible for more companies.


Source: KC LNG

The Y-piece is designed to work as an adapter that splits a ship’s fuel connection into two, in order to transfer fuel from double the amount of tank trailers. This is not limited to only two trailers: by adding a second Y-piece, the potential amount of tank trailers increases to four, cutting the bunkering time down to 25%.

With the lightweight design of the Y-piece, it is a highly mobile solution. It weighs so little that it can be hand-lifted by just two crewmembers and transported on a standard trailer without the need for special machinery.


Source: KC LNG

In order to make it as easy and widely applicable as possible, the Y-piece is designed to fit any type of tank trailer. No matter what the trailers look like, connecting them to the Y-piece will be a simple matter. Its shut-off valves and purging system make it possible to disconnect and change trailers during the filling operation, so bunkering never has to stand still before it is completed. In short, the Y-piece is an easy, flexible and safe way to greatly increase the efficiency of an LNG bunkering process.