Praxair, Inc. will exhibit its most recent product introductions at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia, from the 27th to 29th of January, 2015.

Experts from Praxair’s Food Technologies group will be on hand to discuss the company’s success with its new ColdFrontTM cryo-saver tunnel freezer, improvements to its ColdFront ultra-performance spiral freezer and the introduction of Praxair’s proprietary new liquid nitrogen meat mixer technology. Praxair will exhibit in Booth 5631 in the B Hall of the Georgia World Congress Centre.

Since the introduction of the Praxair cryo-saver tunnel freezer at last year’s IPPE show, Praxair has commercially demonstrated how this new technology can help food processors reduce cryogen consumption while maximizing productivity. The design of the ColdFront cryo-saver tunnel freezer greatly reduces outside air infiltration, focusing the freezing power of the cryogen directly on the food product. Because the cryogen cooling capacity is concentrated on the food product, processors can achieve as much as 15% savings in operating costs.

“Praxair’s new tunnel made it possible for us to increase production to meet our growing demand, while also lowering our freezing cost,” said Darren Hoffman, director of operations at Kansas City Sausage.

The newly designed ultra-performance spiral freezers utilise direct cryogen injection for maximising heat transfer as well as horizontal cold vapour circulation across the product to provide additional cooling potential. The improved vapour-balance system at the conveyer entrance controls cryogenic vapour flow and minimises air and moisture infiltration into the system. These features, along with wider belt widths than those of similarly sized freezers, result in efficient utilisation of cryogen while providing maximum production capacity in a minimal footprint. As with all designs, Praxair continues to provide enhanced features that allow for ease of maintenance and sanitation processes.