UK-based weld purging innovator, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT®), has released yet another weld purging product, this time to purge tube and pipe joints ranging from 1-24 inches in diameter.

The PurgExtra® series for tube and pipe purging has been designed to complement its previous PurgElite® range, but has added purge gas inlets and corresponding exhaust ports.

Luke Keane, Distributor Support for HFT, explained, “The PurgExtra System allows the operator to purge at recommended rates initially and then when it would be an advantage, to introduce additional purge gas to create the desired results.”

“Typical applications are for extra inert gas with titanium welds to achieve the lower oxygen (O2) levels required for welding that material, which would be around 20 parts per million (ppm).”

Purge system hft welding purge huntingdon fusion techniques

The new device allows extra argon (Ar) gas to flow into the welding zone for cooling purposes and its flexible spinal hose between the dams allows it to be pushed or pulled easily around bends.

The instrument is comprised of two inflatable dams connected by the heat resistant gas hose, which contains the IntaCal® gas release system. This system allows the dams to be inflated correctly and then releases excess inert gas to safely purge the welding space.

Additionally, the centre of the spinal hose contains a strip of RootGlo® material, which illuminates the inside of the pipe and allows the user to see when the PurgExtra System has reached the correct position for operation.