Hypertherm’s Robotic Software Team is fielding a record number of inquiries for its Robotmaster offline programing software following this month’s FABTECH trade show in Chicago.

The team is celebrating the introduction of a new suite of specialized tools that make it easy to optimize robotic welding and cutting, whether plasma, laser, or waterjet, by creating optimized paths. Additionally, these tools include one-click automatic programming that results in error-free robotic programs for both simple and very complex cuts and welds.

Team leader Chahe Bakmazjian says a significant rise in robotic cutting and welding in recent years is prompting greater adoption of robotic technology. “A sharp increase in demand for small-batch and high-mix applications is causing more companies to turn to robots,” explains Bakmazjian. “Robots are ideal for these sorts of jobs because they have the ability to adapt to frequent changes; however, simple programming is key since the traditional method of teaching a robot is very time consuming.”

Hypertherm’s Robotmaster software makes it possible to program almost any type of robot offline using familiar CAD/CAM software. For example, live demonstrations at FABTECH showcased a Fanuc robot operating a welding gun and an ABB robot with a plasma cutting torch. A total of five booths had their robots programmed with Robotmaster and running live demos for passersby at FABTECH 2015.