Witt Gasetechnik has developed a pressure regulator for use with acetylene systems, providing a very high flow rate without the need of a pilot gas.

The new version of the ADR 150 high-flow manifold pressure regulator is capable of delivering acetylene flow rates of up to 150m3 per hour without the need for a pilot gas, meaning no separate shielding or inert gas is required for piloting the pipeline pressure.

This is now done using a permanently elastic stop spring, enabling the user to save on costs and to reduce production and logistics efforts.

Witt’s General Manager, Christian Flücken commented, “The ADR 150 pressure regulator is the most powerful independent pressure regulator in the world.”

Manifold pressure regulators reduce the pressure of gas cylinder manifolds or bundles (packs) to the level required for individual applications.

The ADR 150 is designed for use in a number of industrial applications and processes, where acetylene is required with high flow rates, including the manufacture of plastics.

Acetylene is also extensively used with high flow rates as a fuel gas for autogenous welding and gas cutting.

This new pressure regulator meets TRAC and DIN ISO 14114 standards and can be installed in main pressure regulator stations.

Independently of the inlet pressure and flow rate, this regulator maintains the set outlet pressure at constant levels allowing a safe gas supply to outlet stations.

To prevent overpressure, this regulator has an integrated, standard compliant and type tested pressure-relief valve.